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Graduated from Beijing Dance Academy, founder of “Hand in Hand International Youth Art Festival”, member of China Dancers Association. The first person outside of China to showcase a personal Chinese dance teaching achievement performance which is the 2001 Singapore Chinese Cultural Festival - Bai Yingwen's personal Chinese Dance Teaching Achievement Showcase". He has been a jury member of Malaysia National Dance Competition, Asian Dance Festival and other international competitions. He is currently the Chairman of the World Artistes Alliance Association , Artistic Director of B’s Intl’s Arts event company. He is also a inviting committee member of Arts Association of Singapore, and Advisor to many dance and arts organisations.

毕业于北京舞蹈学院,手拉手国际青少年艺术节创办人,中国舞蹈家协会会员。中国境外首位举办个人华族舞蹈教学成就展第一人,暨2001年新加坡华族文化节“白映文华族舞蹈个人教学成果展”。常年担任马来西亚全国舞蹈赛,亚洲舞蹈节等国际赛事评审。现任新加坡国际艺术家联盟主席、东方彩韵国际艺术有限公司艺术总监 、新加坡艺术协会特邀理事以及多间舞蹈艺术机构的顾问。

白映文 Bai Yingwen

Dance Choreographer


Don Francis

Founder & CEO

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