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A one-of-a-kind portal that will captivate audiences and celebrate the diverse realms of visual and performing arts.  Promises to bring together an array of talented artists, musicians, dancers and performers.

Witness the brilliance of artists from all corners of the industry.

Featuring from mesmerizing musical performances and spellbinding dance routines to awe-inspiring theatrical showcases and breath taking visual arts displays.

The MADD Asia not just a showcase of talent but also a platform for aspiring artists to network, collaborate, and learn from industry professionals through interactive workshops, panel discussions, and informative sessions.

We invite you to join us for this extraordinary celebration of the arts, where creativity knows no boundaries and talent knows no limits. 


  • To link & unite different talents to collaborate to create.​

  • To furnish latest information & support available to the MADD community.

  • To create a more transparent & positive environment by providing channels to upholds & protects the copyrights of the creators' works across the entire MADD world.

  • To inspire, expose & help aspiring individuals to connect to the vibrant industries.

  • An all in one online directory portal for MADD providers & clients.

  • Connecting clients direct to the MADD industries.

  • To search, connect & engage professionals in the MADD (Music, Arts, Dance & Drama) industry.​

  • A place where public can view, reviews & feedbacks of the listed providers.

  • A Market place to promote MADD talents, groups & companies.

  • To unite & support.

  • ​Artists - Do you often wish there was a repository of postings of upcoming productions you can audition for?

  • Workshops / Classes you can attend to strengthen your skills? Join in to build this community & have access to more opportunities .

  • Looking for talents for your next production ? Pls post opportunities here! 

  • Patrons / Art enthusiasts - Know about events happening around the island

  • Support the local arts scene

A platform to unite art lovers - artists, producers & patrons/audience across Theatre, Music, Dance, Films, Visual arts ​

  • Producers/Directors - Looking for talents for your next production ? Post opportunities here! 

  • Patrons / Art enthusiasts -

  • Events happening around the island.  Support the local arts scene

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